UFCW Canada Local 12R24

MILTON, ON – February 19, 2021 – UFCW 12R24 is calling on the Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario to reject the proposal by 7-Eleven to sell alcohol for on-site consumption at 61 of its Ontario convenience stores.

“Our members work hard to sell beer safely and responsibly at The Beer Store. They are trained to handle age checks, refuse service to intoxicated people, report suspected impaired drivers and work closely with law enforcement to protect the public, says Local 12R24 President John Nock.

“The anti-union global convenience-store chain 7-Eleven has applied to the Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario to serve alcohol in 61 of their Ontario convenience stores for in-store consumption. They think it’s easy. It’s not. It’s obvious 7-Eleven is trying to find a back door to sell alcohol in convenience stores at a time when small businesses and workers are struggling with the economic devastation of the COVID-19 pandemic.”

“The AGCO should shut down this proposal immediately,” says President Nock.

“7-Eleven’s bar scheme has major consequences that will make our communities less safe. Their
low-wage clerks will have to serve alcohol, late at night, while also dealing with everything else going on in the store. School kids on lunch breaks will have to pass bar patrons to get a hot dog or a Slurpee.”

“Locally owned bars and restaurants will have to compete with an American retail giant that can undercut them on price and run them out of business.”

“Cheap alcohol and gas stations don’t mix. 7-Eleven stores are often located close to service stations, if not part of the store. Families living near these 7-Elevens will have to deal with more alcohol-related mischief and crime in their neighbourhoods.”

“The last thing Ontario needs right now as we try to bounce back from the coronavirus pandemic is alcohol in convenience stores. It does nothing to rebuild our province. In fact, it threatens our communities even more,” says President Nock.