The Provincial Joint Health and Safety Committee (PJHSC) is dedicated to assisting with health and safety issues across the province.

The Provincial Joint Health and Safety Committee Members are:

Union Members
Ray Moffett (Co-Chair)
Sandy Reid
Kevin Williams

Management Members
Jeff Wilcox (Co-Chair)
Bill Kasubek
Pete Jones

The Occupational Health and Safety Act (OHSA) reinforces the Internal Responsibility System (IRS).  Essentially, the IRS means that we have a process in place for identifying health and safety issues and more importantly, getting those issues resolved.  Issues are raised to the manager or supervisor and are dealt with where possible.  If issues cannot be dealt with at that level, the issue is then raised to the DC Manager or District Manager.

For issues that remain unresolved or are systemic across the province, we would ask that you engage the Provincial Joint Health and Safety Committee.  The PJHSC will not overstep the IRS.  That said, the PJHSC requires information around the issue and the steps that were taken.  This must happen prior to engaging the PJHSC.  To make contacting the committee easier, we have created a PJHSC email address.

Email Address:

This is a joint communication from the Provincial Joint Health and Safety Committee working toward everyone’s safety and well-being.

  • Report ALL work-related injuries to your manager/supervisor immediately!
  • Advise a Union Rep of your injury as well.
  • Keep photocopies of all correspondence.
  • Keep journals of all phone conversations including dates, times and to whom you were talking.

Remember your medical information is confidential and is not required to be shared with the employer. If in doubt ask a Union representative.